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We are not an “everything for everyone” interview coaching business. We specialise in helping mid-career professionals and mid-level managers reach their career goals by helping them ace behavioural and unstructured interviews.

“Exceptional” in Exceptional Interview Coaching is not just a catchy word. It’s a brand promise. We are not offshored workers, or “weekend warrior” career professionals. We are professional HR managers, recruiters and outplacement specialists who have helped thousands of candidates navigate career transitions and secure jobs.

Once you purchase a package, we’ll assign a coach to you based on your professional background. Your coach will send you a welcome email within 24 hours of you making your booking. Your coach will then call you via Skype at the time of your booking. Depending on the package you purchase, this session will either be your sole session or just the first one in a series of coaching sessions.

First, check our availability by clicking “Learn More” under any of the packages – you may be in luck. If nothing is available prior to your interview, please contact us BEFORE you place your order and let us know when your interview is. If we can help you, we will.

Not at all. For your convenience, and to ensure minimal disruption to your schedule, all coaching will be done via Skype.

Not at all. For your convenience and to ensure minimal disruption to your schedule, your Strategy Consultation will be held via phone or Skype, and your documents will be delivered via email.

Recruiters are notorious for their ambiguity. If you’re in any doubt about specifics of recruitment process for a particular role, ask your recruiter for details. It’s better to be informed than to miss out on a great opportunity.

A behavioural interview is based on the competencies and behaviours required to perform the role. Questions tend to delve into specific life history events that give the interviewer insight into how the candidate would perform in the role.

You will be asked how you responded in a particular situation, what the outcomes were and what you learnt from the experience. For example, “tell me about a time you didn’t meet a goal – and how you handled it”.

While we’re more than happy to discuss your order on the phone, the actual placement of the order must be done through our website booking system.

There are two reasons for this.

1. Your credit card information is fully protected and insured through our website. We use a secure Stripe and WooCommerce stack, which is the gold standard in e-commerce technology, to prevent credit card misuse or fraud.

2. We are Australia’s premier resume writing service, and we work with dozens of new clients on a weekly basis. Ordering through our online booking system ensures no information is misplaced, emails aren’t lost and messages aren’t missed.

Yes. Our website uses SSL, which ensures that your connection to our site is always secure. We use Stripe to process payments, which means we never see your card details. Your payment is processed directly through Stripe’s encrypted server, offering you the protection of the world’s largest payment merchant.

Unstructured interviews are largely unplanned and guided by the interviewer based on the material introduced by you, the candidate.

Example questions for an unstructured interview:

“Tell me why you want this role.”
“Can you expand on that?”
“Why should you be hired over another, better-qualified candidate?”

All sales are final and you are responsible for attending your scheduled Interview Coaching session or providing notice of 48 hours is you need to reschedule.


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